Uncovered Court Documents Reveal Terminated PulteGroup Exec Brandon Jones Harassed Former Board Member

Jordan Dixon-Hamilton, a California attorney well known on Twitter as Patriot J, announced that he had obtained public documents from the appellate court handling the infamous case of fired PulteGroup executive Brandon Jones.

The documents show that after a former member of the PulteGroup board, philanthropist Bill Pulte, recommended against CEO Ryan Marshall’s proposal to fast track and promote his close friend Jones to COO, the Board unanimously rejected Jones’s promotion. Jones then used company resources to create fictitious Twitter accounts attacking Pulte, using everything from pornography to insults hurled from accounts meant to impersonate Pulte’s deceased grandfather.

One document that has been revealed is the deposition of Jones. When asked about his behavior, Jones broke down, saying “I had an emotional reaction to the posts that he was making.” Jones admitted to replying to Pulte on Twitter in this emotional state and then “subsequently, I would delete the post.”

Perhaps the most shocking document revealed by Dixon-Hamilton shows that even after Jones admitted to his wrongdoing, he sought a court order to “gag” Bill Pulte to prevent him from discussing his misdeeds online.

In response to Dixon-Hamilton’s public request for comment on these documents, Bill Pulte responded, “A reporter contacted me for comment about My Stalker, Brandon Jones, publicly releasing his deposition in Appeals Court, despite claiming it was confidential (it’s not). Jones publicly released his ‘confidential info’ IN WIDE OPEN PUBLIC! Jones is such a weirdo!”

Pulte’s response also included a post he made revealing that Jones was masquerading as a woman online and calling himself “Catalina Chen” in order to harass Pulte.

“Thank you to everyone watching over us, against these Corrupt, Powerful People who want to stop us helping people,” said Pulte.

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